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Mission Tamil Nadu 2025

  • A complete liquor ban state!
  • A state where the rural-urban divide has been reduced to a thin line. All parts of TN become developed.
  • A state where there is an equitable distribution of, and adequate access to, energy and quality water.
  • A state where the best of healthcare is available to all citizens of TN.
  • A state where poverty has been totally eradicated, illiteracy completely removed, crime against women and children is absent, and no one in the society feels alienated.
  • A state with atleast one from a family gets a government job.
  • A state that has improved the livelihood of farmers by supporting them to generate sufficient income and integrated farming.
  • A state that has increased the standard of living of rural citizens by providing superior education & employment.
  • A state that provides a safe working place for our fisherman in the mid seas.
  • A cleanliness and hygienic state!
  • A state with the world class industrial & road infrastructure.
  • A state that has increased the green cover of our forests.